🪙$SPIZ Token

The ecosystem is powered by the SPACE-iZ token (SPIZ token), designed to appreciate as the ecosystem grows and provide value to all our stakeholders. To gain access to our services, stakeholders will need to hold SPIZ tokens, and as they conduct economic activity within our apps, they will be rewarded with further tokens using the SPACE-iZ Reward Mechanism (SRM)

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SPACE-iZ is a utility-based token used within the SPACE-iZ ecosystem.


SPIZ can be earned as a reward by performing economic activities.

SPACE-iZ offers rewards on its services only to the holders of the tokens.

Given the token itself will be the reward mechanism of the ecosystem, it will need to be managed in such a way as to ensure that value is retained for stakeholders and those wishing to exit the ecosystem can do so. This will be achieved by requiring stakeholders to retain any tokens earned or received until certain milestones have been met. Stakeholders can liquidate a percentage of their holdings based on the number of stakeholders on the platform. The greater the number of stakeholders, the higher the percentage of tokens that can be liquidated if a token holder desires.

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