💸Revenue Model

SPACE-iZ employs multiple revenue streams to generate sustainable income while ensuring the growth and viability of the ecosystem. The following are the primary revenue streams for SPACE-iZ:

Transaction and Conversion Fees:

SPACE-iZ charges transaction and conversion fees when users utilize the SPACE-iZ wallet to exchange or convert between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. These fees are incurred to cover the costs of facilitating secure and seamless transactions within the ecosystem. By offering competitive and transparent fee structures, SPACE-iZ aims to provide value-added services while maintaining user affordability.

Advanced Wallet Services:

SPACE-iZ offers advanced wallet services that provide additional features and benefits beyond the basic functionalities. These services may include higher fiat withdrawal limits, lower commission fees, personalized customer support, and access to exclusive promotions. Users can subscribe to these services by paying a monthly fee, contributing to the revenue stream while offering enhanced value and convenience to interested users.

Micro-DES Subscription:

SPACE-iZ allows businesses to create separate micro-decentralized economic systems (Micro-DES) within the ecosystem. Businesses can subscribe to this service and access tools and resources to launch and manage loyalty and reward programs using the SPACE-iZ wallet infrastructure. These subscriptions generate recurring revenue for SPACE-iZ while empowering businesses to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

Advertising and Promotion:

SPACE-iZ allows businesses like restaurants and property owners to advertise their services within the platform. Businesses can opt for pay-per-click advertising or improved search ranking on the SPACE-iZ platform, enabling them to reach a targeted audience of users actively engaged in the ecosystem. Revenue is generated through advertising fees, creating a win-win scenario where businesses gain visibility, and SPACE-iZ monetizes its platform

Add-on Services:

SPACE-iZ plans to introduce additional add-on services that complement the existing app functionalities. For example, integrating electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems with features like integrated stock control and accounting or offering premium data analytics and insights. These value-added services can be offered at a separate cost, contributing to revenue while enhancing the overall experience and value proposition for businesses and users.

It's important to note that SPACE-iZ will continuously assess and refine its revenue streams based on market demands, user preferences, and industry trends. By diversifying revenue sources and focusing on delivering value to users, SPACE-iZ aims to build a sustainable business model that supports the growth and development of the ecosystem.

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