🎁SPACE-iZ Reward mechanism (SRM)

The SRM ensures that those who are a part of the Space-iZ ecosystem benefit equally from the success and growth of the ecosystem. This mechanism will ensure loyalty while incentivising stakeholders to act honestly and fairly.

SRM will automatically and periodically distribute tokens to the wallets of eligible stakeholders who have conducted economic activity in our ecosystem. To be eligible for SRM, stakeholders must hold a minimum number of tokens during the reward period. Those who achieve a meaningful level of economic activity will gain the maximum reward, while those who have been less active will also receive rewards but at a lower rate. Each app will have its reward criteria, and SRM will weigh the economic activity within each app accordingly and distribute the SPIZ reward. The more apps you participate in, the higher your rewards.

Ratings & Reviews

To ensure a mechanism of quality control within the ecosystem, stakeholders must rate and review the other stakeholders they interact with whenever economic activity occurs in our ecosystem. The SRM is structured so that those stakeholders who contribute positively in terms of service and product will need to hold fewer tokens to be rewarded, while those stakeholders who could do better will be required to hold more tokens to be rewarded. In this way, we will ensure quality is regulated within the ecosystem, and stakeholders are encouraged to improve. If a stakeholder fails to improve, they will be required to stake tokens which could be burned should they not act appropriately.

This burn mechanism within the SRM ensures that even when a bad actor is punished within the ecosystem, the rest of the stakeholders still benefit.

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