The Decentralised Economy that Rewards Everyone

The mass adoption of innovative technologies like blockchain requires accessibility and ease of use. While blockchain technology holds great potential, its complexity has hindered widespread adoption. At SPACE-iZ, we recognize the need for a user-friendly platform that requires minimal technical knowledge and fosters collaboration among businesses, partners, and customers.

Our vision is to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and end users by providing an accessible platform that streamlines processes and decreases business costs without increasing the cost of their products or services. We aim to create a platform that encourages loyalty, making customers feel like stakeholders and sharing success among all parties involved. To achieve these goals, SPACE-iZ is launching an ecosystem centered around the SPACE-iZ Wallet, a decentralized economic system (DES) of apps.

The SPACE-iZ Wallet serves as the heart of our DES, offering a single login for all applications within the ecosystem. It connects web2 and web3 users, rewarding participants with SPIZ tokens for real-world economic activities like ride-hailing and food delivery.

The benefits of the SPACE-iZ System are numerous. Participants become stakeholders in the system, ensuring inclusivity and fairness. Businesses benefit from commission-free transactions, allowing them the freedom to reinvest and grow. Blockchain technology ensures reliable and efficient payments for all stakeholders.

Our revenue streams include charging conversion and commission fees within the SPACE-iZ Wallet, earning tokens for economic activities on the platform, offering advanced wallet services for a monthly fee, and allowing the development of apps and Micro-DES on a subscription basis. Additionally, businesses such as restaurants, property owners, and handymen can advertise on our platform and access add-on services like EPOS systems with integrated stock control and accounting.

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