SPACE-iZ offers a range of products within its ecosystem, each designed to address specific industry needs and provide seamless experiences for businesses, partners, and customers. The following are the key products offered by SPACE-iZ:


Rent SPACE-iZ is a decentralized economy for short-term rentals, holiday bookings, and event hires. This platform lets property owners list their properties, whether a vacation home, apartment, or event space. Renters can easily search for available properties, make bookings, and communicate with property owners directly through the platform. With Rent SPACE-iZ, the rental process becomes streamlined, secure, and transparent for property owners and renters.


Fix SPACE-iZ focuses on creating a decentralized economy for property maintenance and repairs. It provides a platform for property owners to connect with skilled professionals, such as builders and handymen, for maintenance and repair services. Through Fix SPACE-iZ, property owners can easily submit service requests, receive quotes, and schedule appointments. The platform ensures efficient communication, transparent pricing, and reliable service delivery, simplifying property maintenance and repairs for all stakeholders.


RIDE SPACE-iZ revolutionizes the ride-hailing industry by creating a decentralized economy for rides and ride-sharing. With RIDE SPACE-iZ, riders can easily request rides through the platform, and drivers can register to offer their services. The platform provides a user-friendly interface for riders to book rides, track driver locations, and make secure payments. For drivers, it offers seamless trip management and fair compensation. RIDE SPACE-iZ enhances the ride-hailing experience, offering convenience, transparency, and reliability.


EAT SPACE-iZ is dedicated to creating a decentralized economy for delivering restaurant food, takeaways, and groceries. It offers a user-friendly interface for restaurants to register, display menus, and manage orders. Customers can create accounts, browse various food options, place orders, and track deliveries. The platform also provides opportunities for delivery drivers to register and offer their services. EAT SPACE-iZ simplifies food delivery, ensuring timely deliveries, cost efficiency, and a seamless experience for all participants.

SPACE-iZ Wallet

At the heart of the ecosystem, SPACE-iZ Wallet serves as the central access point for all applications within the SPACE-iZ ecosystem. It allows users to manage their accounts, securely store their digital assets, and transact within the ecosystem. The wallet supports features such as transferring cryptocurrencies, exchanging between different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, and accessing advanced financial services. With SPACE-iZ Wallet, users can fully control their digital assets and seamlessly engage with the decentralized economic system.

Each product within the SPACE-iZ ecosystem is designed to offer a comprehensive and seamless experience for businesses, partners, and customers. By integrating blockchain technology and prioritizing user-friendliness, SPACE-iZ provides accessible solutions that streamline processes, enhance transparency, and foster collaboration within specific industries.

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